Norwegian Lace Knitting terms

I've recently acquired some Norwegian knitting books with beautiful, beautiful lace, and want to try and get translations for the Norwegian to as many of the terms as possible. I ordered these books from Pinnsvinn Design, and they are still available. They are by Ragnhild Falch Ervik, and are titled KunstStrikk, Kunststrikk 2, 4 and 5 (3 is out-of-print and I haven't been able to get a copy of that one). They are also available from Martina, along with many other lace books and magazines.

In each volume, there are translations of the main abbreviations in six languages. But in the first volume, KunstStrikk, there is an additional list of abbreviations and symbols that I haven't found in any of the other volumes.

Here is the list of translations for these phrases. I have put the English in parentheses underneath the Norwegian. The Norwegian is in blue. My deep appreciation goes to Mona Digernes and Kari Hall of the Knitted-Lace list who generously helped out with these translations. Thanks also to Helen Eisler for providing the Knitted-Lace list and allowing me to find knitters around the globe who share my passion for lace! If you have any additional comments, please email me!

Forkortelser og monsterforklaring
(Abbreviations and pattern explanations)

m = maske
(m = stitch)

St eller Str = strikk
(St or Str = knit)
(Helpful explanatory note from Kari: “In Norwegian a knit stitch is called a right stitch, a purl stitch is a wrong stitch. In English knit is the verb as well as the name of the stitch, and this can possibly lead to some confusion. The instruction in Norwegian : strikk rett, could be translated as: knit knit, which does not make much sense.”)

fm = fastmaske
(fm = double crochet)
(Note: This is UK double crochet, US single crochet)

r = ret. Når det bare star r, er det 1 r.
(r = knit. When it says only r, knit 1.)

lm = luftmaske
(lm = chain stitch in crochet)

v eller vr er vrang. Når det står bare v eller vr, så er det 1 vrang
(v or vr or vrang = purl. If it says only v or vr, it means purl 1.)

omg. = omgang
(omg. = row or round)

a = Ta en m løs av. 1 m r, trekk den løse m over.
(a = slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over.)
(NOTE: This is a left-leaning decrease. SSK - slip, slip, knit - can also be used.)

x = Ta 1 m løs av. 2 m sammen, trekk den løse m over.
(x = slip 1 knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over.)

g = strikk 2 m sammen
(g = knit 2 together)

I = 1 kast
(I = yarn over, or yarn forward)

I,I,I = 3 kast
(I,I,I = 3 yarn overs)

Ta (sett) en merketråd i begynnelsen av omgangen og la den følge med hele veien
(Place marker at the beginning of the row, and leave in place.)
(Note from Kari: I have never seen ring markers for sale in Norway, so what she talks about is a bit of yarn to use as a marker, easily removed later.)

w = 1 m løs av, 3 m sammen, trekk den løse m over.
(w = slip 1, knit 3 together, pass slipped stitch over.)
(NOTE: This appears in the first volume as a symbol, a V with an X inside it.)

St m fr = Strikk så mange masker frem som angitt, og flytt merketråden samtidig
(St m fr = Knit as many stitches as indicated, move the marker to this point. This is the new beginning of the row.)

() Parentes betyr at dette skal strikkes om igjen.
(Repeat contents of parentheses or brackets as many times as indicated.)

NB! De omgangene som ikke er nummererte, strikkes bare rett.
(All rows not mentioned in the pattern are knit, no purling.)